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Today I'd like to share a fun Google Extension that I use all the time.  The extension is called, Scroll to Top.

A fun way to scroll through any website

I love this scrolling extension because it allows you to go directly to the top or bottom of any website.  You can can go slowly or go straight to the top or bottom.  There are lots of fun options for your scrolling button.

First, make sure you are logged into Chrome.  Next, go to the Chrome Web Store and search the extensions for Scroll to Top (or just click here.)  Click the button that says "Add to Chrome", and you will see a screen that gives you lots of options for your settings.

A fun way to scroll through any website

Then, if you click Show more settings, you will see lots of fun choices for your scrolling button.

Loads of button options to help you scroll through any website

That's it.  You now have an easy way to scroll through any website.  If you click on the icon, you will go straight to the top or bottom (whichever way it is pointing).  If you hover, you will find slower scrolling options.

A fun way to scroll through any website

Have fun making your own scrolling button!  Now you can enjoy all of your favorite sites just a little bit more.

Thank you!



  1. Thanks! I came here via your instagram page! I just followed your instructions and got this on my chrome now! Thanks for explaining it step-by-step with pictures :)

    1. You are welcome! I'm happy to hear it worked out. Thank you for stopping by.


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