A Mentor Text & Freebie for Similes

One of the things that has impressed me most with my second graders this year is their ability to incorporate figurative language into their writing.  I have used a variety of mentor texts to support this, and today I would like to share one of my favorites.

This post shares an awesome mentor text for similes!
(Thank you, Glitter Meets Glue Designs for the sparkly letters!)

Crazy like a Fox is a fun book about a fox named Rufus who goes on a little adventure.  On each page there is a part of a simile.  Students can read the first part and then make a prediction about how the simile will be completed on the next page.  As you can see below, each page also includes additional, fun similes.

This post shares an awesome mentor text for similes!

Another feature I like about this book is the introduction explains to the students what a simile is and gives a few examples.  This sets the students' minds up for what's to come.

This post shares an awesome mentor text for similes!

I read this book to my class as a review of similes as we are working on our final writing project.  For some additional practice, I created this worksheet to give my students as morning work.

This fun simile practice sheet is free!

If you are interested in downloading a copy for your students to create some fun similes, you can do so here.

I can't believe I am getting ready to wrap up my first year of teaching second grade.  As much as I loved teaching intermediate grades in the past, this was the right time for me to make a change.  I hope you had a successful school year and are enjoying the final weeks with your children.

Thank you, and have a great week!


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